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10000 psi, 3/8" ports, 5 gpm max flow rate.
Application: Single acting cylinders. Primarily for use in testing soil, rock, concrete, asphalt and related engineering materials.
Actuation: Lever and adjustable, pressure compensated flow control valve.
Functions: Cylinder piston “return”, “hold”, “controlled advance” (pressure compensated) and “advance” (full flow). Will deliver a relatively constant flow regardless of pressure between 1000 and 10000 psi.
Used on these pumps: PA17, PA46, PA55, PE17, PE21, PE30 (Adapter kit 252161 is required for mounting this valve to a PE30 or PG30 series pump.), PE46, PE55, PE90, PE200, PE400, PG30 (Adapter kit 252161 is required for mounting this valve to a PE30 or PG30 series pump.), PG55, PG120, PG400, PQ60 and PQ120 series.
This valve can be remote mounted with a 9510 subplate.
To prevent sudden, uncontrolled descent of a load as it is being lowered, use a No. 9596 Load Lowering Valve or No. 9720 Counter Balance Valve in conjunction with the directional valve used in your application.
Conversion kit 251528 must be used when mounting the 9609 valve on PA17 or PE17 pumps.
When ordering any valve for a PE30 or PG30 series pump, 1/2" longer mounting screws are required. For valves 9609 order four 10855 cap screws.
Unit of Measure

Valve Type

N/A 3 - Way, 4 Position Tandem Center


N/A Lever And Adjustable, Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valve.

Pressure Rating

N/A 10000 psi

Max. Flow Rate


Port Size

N/A 3/8 inches


N/A Advance/Hold Return


N/A Manual


N/A Single Acting Cylinder

Used On Pumps

N/A PE17 PE21 PE30 PE46 PE55 PE90 PQ60 PQ120 PA55 PA17 PA46 PE200 PE400 PG30 PG55 PG120 PG400


N/A 8.7 lbs.

Ship Weight

N/A 9.2 lbs.