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  • Product Image - Bottle Jacks 2-110 Ton

    • Industrial lifting and pushing applications.
    • Choose from this complete line of premium–quality, standard bottle jacks. Ideal for use in any number of industrial lifting and pushing applications.
    • The 9110B, 9015B, 9022B and 9033B feature a beveled base which allows the jack to “follow” the load, reducing the chance of dangerous side loading.
    • Many jacks feature screw extensions and all can be used in the vertical, angled or horizontal positions.
    • Serrated or contoured saddles help stabilize the load for a safer lift.
    • All jacks meet ASME B30.1 standards and carry the Power Team Marathon Lifetime Warranty.
    • 110 ton jack features dual pumps for time-saving two speed operation.

  • Product Image - Low Profile Bottle Jacks 12,20 Tons

    The right choice for those lower clearance jobs.

    • All the quality, features and lifting capacity of the standard jacks in short form. The 12 ton and 20 ton models feature screw extensions for added versatility.
    • All jacks meet ASME B30.1 standards and carry the Power Team Marathon Lifetime Warranty.
    • All jacks operate both vertically and horizontally for use in a variety of lifting, pushing and spreading applications.

  • Product Image - Toe Jacks 5.5, 11 Tons

    Get under equipment with only 11/16 Inch of ground clearance.

    • With lifting points on the toe and on the top, these extremely rugged jacks are ideal for machine lifting, rigging, lift truck service and much more.
    • Choose from 5.5-ton, 11-ton, and now, an amazing 27.5-ton lifting capacity.
    • All jacks operate both vertically and horizontally.
    • All jacks meet ASME B30.1 standards and carry the Power Team Marathon Lifetime Warranty.
    • Base, toe and pumping assembly swivel independently, allowing the jack to work in confined areas.

  • Product Image - Economy Toe Jacks

    Just the power you need at a price you can afford.

    • These bottle jack-style toe jacks are loaded with many of the same features as our standard bottle jacks, but the toe-lift feature and swiveling pump handle socket make them ideal for machinery lifting and positioning.
    • An internal pressure relief provides added safety by limiting the jack's lifting capability to the capacity of the toe.
    • Spring return is an added feature on the larger jacks.
    • All jacks meet ASME B30.1 standards and carry the Power Team Marathon Lifetime Warranty.
    • Swiveling pump handle assembly available on the 5- and 10-ton models. The swiveling jack assembly allows you to access and pump the unit from numerous positions.

  • Product Image - Sidewinder Jacks

    Compact Sidewinder Mini Jack fits in your palm and delivers 5, 10 and 20 tons of lifting force.

    • Retracted height of just 2 9/16" for the smallest jack and 5 1/8" for the 20 ton, allows you to slip this jack into the narrowest of crevices.
    • Jacks operate either horizontally or vertically. Handles function in line with base for easier use in confined spaces.
    • The perfect addition to any toolbox, this remarkable little jack has multiple uses that are limited only by your imagination. Use it as a jack or a spreader. Use it to turn your mechanical gear puller (puller capacity must match jack capacity) into a hydraulic puller. Use it vertically or horizontally in limited clearance.

  • Product Image - Inflatable Jack Couplings
  • Product Image - Inflatable Jack

    The non-skid space age reinforced inflatable jack is perfect for many applications.

    • Highly flexible and light weight jacks only require an air supply of 116 psi maximum. Any non-explosive gas or water can also be used for inflation.
    • Uninflated jacks are only 1Inch thick, making seemingly impossible lifting tasks routine.
    • Space age reinforced, multi-layer aramid construction, widely overlapping on all sides. Tested at 175 psi.
    • In rugged testing, jacks withstood tens of thousands of inflate/deflate cycles at 116 psi.
    • Large surface area and material flexibility allows jacks to lift loads on soft or compressible surfaces without support cribbing being necessary.
    • Safety first! The controller, shut-off and air hoses are all equipped with USA industrial interchange style air couplers. Female half coupler bodies have a locking collar, protecting operator from accidentally disconnecting jack while under load.
    • Surface of jack has a non-skid pattern, assuring that the jack won’t “walk away” from the job. Jacks can be used to lift a load from an uneven surface, are tolerant of side-loaded applications.
    • Non-conducting material resists oil, ozone and most chemicals. Cold resistant down to -40° F, heat resistant up to 240° F (short term) or 200° F (long term).
    • Field-replaceable nipples are made of tough steel, with internal thread to prevent abrasion damage. Ideal needle aperture of 1/4 Inch allows rapid inflation, without risk of icing, and permits a safe lowering speed.
    • Single jack controller with “dead man” control (3500090). Can be used individually, or in multiples to regulate any number of jacks desired.
    • Heavy attachment straps are provided on 4 largest sizes for attachment of a rope or hook to position the jack from a safe distance.
    • Inflation hose system is color-coded (red and yellow) for easy recognition when using more than one jack.

  • Product Image - Bottle Jacks Telescoping

    These jacks offer greater extended lifting capability.

    • Telescoping jacks offer all of the quality features and capabilities of the standard bottle jack line with a bonus. The super-long stroke of these jacks saves time and effort by eliminating the need to lift, crib, lift, etc. In most applications, the user can place the jack once and complete the lift.
    • The 9015X offers very low clearance capability, making it the ideal choice for forklift maintenance or machine lifting.
    • The taller 9006X, 9011X and 9013X all feature a unique beveled base that allows the jack to “follow” the load laterally as it is raised, greatly reducing side-loading of the piston.