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  • Product Image- Planer Jack

    Four different models are available, with capacities ranging from 2 to 8 tons. They are used in leveling work on plane beds, millers and other machinery.
    Screw's operation provides infinite height adjustments for exact leveling. The side-locking screw keeps the jack extended and prevents lowering due to vibration. The ball and socket cap swivels to center load forces. The notched base fastens easily to machine beds.

  • Product Image- Reel Jacks

    • 4 Models.
    • Double-lever sockets.
    • Multiple-tooth pawls for strength & safety.
    • Forged alloy steel, heat-treated components.
    • Adjustable spring links.
    • Plated springs to resist corrosion.
    • Precision machining throughout.
    • Steel lever bars sold separately.
    • Tough hardwood bases laminated for extra strength.

  • Product Image- Screw Jacks

    Screw Jacks are suitable for house movers, leveling, supporting, shop and factory maintenance, riggers, locomotive repairs, drillers and farm applications.  Malleable housings are lighter and unbreakable. A hardened, large chrome-moly ball floating cap centers the load automatically and reduces friction by 88%. The steel cap is constructed of corrugated, drop-forged steel with a self-leveling 9 degree float.

    • 9 Models.
    • Ductile iron bodies for strength.
    • Positive stop for safety.
    • Supports loads indefinitely and won't creep down.
    • Serrated load cap.

    Steel lever bars sold separately

  • Product Image- Spreader Jack

    The model 3A Spreader Jack Is used when working in close quarters.
    The Spreader Jack has a closed height of only 3”, with 1” stroke for adjustments, yet it can support 3 tons. The serrated cap rotates to prevent twist out, but does not pivot. The Spreader Jack may also be used as a planer jack.

  • Product Image- Superjacks

    • 8 Models.
    • Ratcheting screw jack design.
    • Holds the load indefinitely without creep down.
    • Positive shoulder stop for safety.
    • High capacities.
    • Ball bearings for smooth operation and low handle efforts.
    • Raise or lower the load precisely with the reversal ratchet socket with quick spin handle.
    • Steel lever bars sold separately.

  • Product Image- 610 Push/Pull Jack

    The model 610 is used for pushing or pulling, holding & more; ideal for weld shops.
    For added versatility, the end nuts are designed to permit the use of chains with eye hooks. Suitable for adjusting forms, dampers, fixtures and flues. Steel lever bar is ordered separately.

  • Product Image- Loadbinder Jack

    These 20 ton capacity models are used for connecting river barges, pulling forms and steel plates together and other applications in bridge construction and concrete and steel engineering projects. Units are equipped with spring activated pawls and 26” long attached handles. The handle effort per ton is 16 lbs. The I.D. of the eye is 1 5/16”. Depth of eye is 1 7/8”.

  • Product Image- Tank Jack

    Simplex Tank Jacks offer an economical means of supporting and leveling vertical, bottom, or side-opening filter and storage tanks. Screw operation provides infinite adjustment for exact tank leveling and gravity flow. Rated capacity for all models is 15,000 lbs.
    C1025 steel saddle is welded to the tank before being set on the jack

  • Product Image- Ratchet Jacks

    • 8 Models.
    • Double-lever sockets for jacking in close quarters.
    • Multiple-tooth pawls for strength & safety.
    • Drop-forged, alloy steel, heat-treated components.
    • Adjustable spring links.
    • Plated springs to resist corrosion.
    • Precision machining throughout.
    • Large base insures a firm foundation.
    • Supports full rated capacity on the toe or the cap.
    • Steel lever bars sold separately.

  • Product Image - CJ Series

    • CJ Series & LPC Series
    • 8 Models  
    • Suitable for lifting loads of any type.
    • Low expenditure of force through optimal ratio.
    • Lifting with either fixed toe or clawed head.
    • Safety crank with folding handle.
    • Our Jack design specifications meet or exceed ANSI / ASME B30.1 Safety Standards

  • Product Image - Screw & Cap Assemblies

    Versatile accessories for outrigger supports, holding and adjusting concrete forms, or for any application requiring special holding or shoring support port.
    The shouldered nut is placed into piping or another fixed form, and the screw & cap assembly is threaded through it. Four-way head assembly accommodates the lever bar at four different positions for infinite height adjustments and exact leveling.
    Drop forged serrated steel cap floats 9° on a chrome-moly ball reducing friction by 88%.
    The shoulder nut is placed into piping, fixtures or other fixed forms supplied by the user.

  • Product Image- Trench Braces

    Simplex trench braces are designed for use with standard schedule 40 pipe. Screw end models SE-12, SE-16 and butt end model BE-25 use 1 1/2" diameter pipe. Model SE-18 and butt end BE-35 use 2" diameter pipe. Dimensions assume the use of both screw & butt ends together as an assembly. Screw & Butt Ends sold separately.

  • Product Image - Mine Roof Supports

    The A9225 Family is rated at 4 tons sustaining capacity, and is suitable for a wide range of mine maintenance applications. The aluminum alloy housing and base, coupled with a convenient carrying handle, make this unit exceptionally light and portable.
    The A9225 Family incorporates a ratchet mechanism for speedy operation. Lever bar #10635 is ordered separately.
    The 139A Family is a screw extension type roof support rated at 5 tons sustaining capacity. Designed for use as a safety prop, the 139A Family is suitable for cross timbering with wood or steel beams

  • Product Image- Support Base & Head Assy

    Simplex head assemblies are designed for roof support in mines and other areas where ceiling heights vary greatly. Use your own pipe to custom build a support for nearly any application.
    The 8 ton MS-9 models use 2" schedule 40 pipe. The 16 ton MS-17 models require 2" schedule 80 pipe. A round base (ordered separately) is available to fit the 2" pipe. All models incorporate a lever nut handle and are available with either FS or S style heads.
    For economy, use the import version. If U.S. manufacture is required, use the domestic version. Simplex quality is assured with either choice.

  • Product Image - Alloy Chain

    Heavy Duty Alloy Chain for RJ Ratchet Jacks

  • Product Image - I-Beam Base
  • Product Image - Steel Lever Bars