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VRS41 is the same as VPS41 except for inline mounting. VRS41CC is the same valve except all ports are closed in the center position. VRS41 hydraulic schematic same as VPS41. All remote valves have threaded mounting holes. Both Simplex manual & solenoid valves are available for remote or inline application. Remote valves are perfect for multiple operating systems, or special fixturing and mounting applications. They are available with tandem or closed centers. Remote versions do not include retract feature.
  • Available in manual or solenoid.
  • Includes mounting holes.
  • Available in closed center or tandem.
  • Ideal for independent control of two or more cylinders.
Unit of Measure


N/A Remote Mounted

Valve Type

N/A 3 position 4 way valve


N/A Solenoid

Port Style

N/A Closed