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  • High speed continuous rotation for constant torque output.
  • Low friction planetary gearbox design minimizes wear and extends uptime.
  • Ergonomic, low vibration design reduces fatigue and the risk of vibration related injuries for the operator.
  • Low noise air motor provides quiet, consistent performance for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Provided with standard reaction arm; wide assortment of custom arms and accessories are available.
  • Available with or without Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL).
  • Unique calibration certificate provided with each tool.
Unit of Measure

Square Drive

N/A 1 inches

Maximum Torque Output

N/A 2000 ft. lbs.

Maximum Torque Output

N/A 2712 nm

Minimum Torque

N/A 500 ft. lbs.

Minimum Torque

N/A 678 nm

Maximum Speed

N/A 8.0 rpm

Dimension A

N/A 11.26 inches

Dimension B

N/A 3.27 inches

Dimension C

N/A 3.11 inches

Dimension D

N/A 5.24 inches


N/A 19.5 lbs.