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  • Sets include all components necessary to handle a variety of applications. Two ELB1 link-up bars, two ERH1 handles (34.4" long)and one EMB1 metal box are included. Optional long handle ERH2 (46.4") also available.
  • Rugged and sturdy construction for long life
  • Low profile construction for increased stability
  • Low rolling-resistance allows for easy load movement
  • Attachable load leveling plates and swivel turntables for turning corners
  • Sets are designed to enable two skates to take full load for extra safety on uneven floor surfaces
Unit of Measure

Set Capacity

N/A 60 tons

Load Skates

N/A ER-30 (4)

Turntable Swivels

N/A ES-30 (2)

Leveling Plates

N/A ELP-30 (2)

Weight (Including Handles and Metal Box)

N/A 167 lbs.

Ship Weight

N/A 200 lbs.