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  • Rugged, yet reasonably priced. Handles many “big press” tasks, and perfect for many of the “in-between” jobs you see almost daily.Note: stroke length limited to 6 1/4" on economy models.
  • Press bed height easily adjustable with winch's bed will not drop when handle is released.
  • Choice of power sources for rapid cylinder advance: two-speed hydraulic hand pump, electric/hydraulic or air/hydraulic.
  • Pump Electrical Specifications
    PE17 Series – 1/2 hp, 115 volt, 60 cycle, single phase.
    PE21 Series – 1 hp, 115 volt, 60 cycle, single phase.
Both pumps available in 230 volt, 50 cycle

Typical performance based on 100 psi and 10000 psi pump specifications. Actual speeds may vary under operating conditions.

Unit of Measure


N/A 25 tons

Press Type

N/A Economy

Dimension A

N/A 68 inches

Dimension B

N/A 43 inches

Dimension C

N/A 28 inches

Dimension D

N/A 3 - 29 inches

Dimension E

N/A 6 7/8 - 43 3/8 inches

Dimension F

N/A 4 1/2 inches

Dimension G

N/A 32 inches

Dimension H

N/A 5 1/2 inches

Dimension J

N/A 6 1/2 inches

Dimension K

N/A 7 inches

Dimension L

N/A 2 1/2 inches

Dimension M

N/A 8 inches

Floor Space

N/A 43 inches x 28 inches

Type of Cylinder Used

N/A Single Acting


N/A 6.25 inches

Cylinder Model

N/A C256C

Speed Advance

N/A 0.129 Inches/min.

Speed Pressing

N/A 0.129 Inches/min.

Type of Pump

N/A Hand

Pump Model

N/A P59

Valve Type

N/A Load Release

Product Weight

N/A 595 lbs.

Ship Weight

N/A 471 lbs.

Standard Pack Qty

N/A 1