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  • Design permits use as both “H” frame and “C” frame press; hydraulic cylinder can be mounted on frame extensions to handle jobs which won't fit between uprights.
  • Open throat press models are also available with remote control to enable the operator to view work from all sides with finger tip control of cylinder piston travel.
  • Moveable work head for off-center pressing loads of full capacity can be applied across entire width of frame.
  • Press bed height easily adjustable with winch's bed will not drop when handle is released.
  • Choice of power sources for rapid cylinder advance: two-speed hydraulic hand pump, electric/hydraulic or air/hydraulic.
  • Pump Electrical Specifications
    PE17 Series – 1/2 hp, 115 volt, 60 cycle, single phase.
    PE21 Series – 1 hp, 115 volt, 60 cycle, single phase.
Both pumps available in 230 volt, 50 cycle

Typical performance based on 100 psi and 10000 psi pump specifications. Actual speeds may vary under operating conditions.
Solenoid valve with 24 volt remote control hand switch.

Unit of Measure


N/A 25 tons

Press Type

N/A Open Throat

Dimension A

N/A 68 inches

Dimension B

N/A 43 inches

Dimension C

N/A 28 inches

Dimension D

N/A 3 - 29 inches

Dimension E

N/A 6 7/8 - 43 3/8 inches

Dimension F

N/A 4 1/2 inches

Dimension G

N/A 32 inches

Dimension H

N/A 5 1/2 inches

Dimension J

N/A 6 1/2 inches

Dimension K

N/A 7 inches

Dimension L

N/A 2 1/2 inches

Dimension M

N/A 8 inches

Floor Space

N/A 43 inches x 28 inches

Type of Cylinder Used

N/A Double Acting


N/A 14.25 inches

Cylinder Model

N/A RD2514

Speed Advance

N/A 52 Inches/min.

Speed Pressing

N/A 4.0 Inches/min.

Type of Pump

N/A Elec.

Pump Model

N/A PE214S

Valve Type

N/A 4-Way

Product Weight

N/A 787 lbs.

Ship Weight

N/A 798 lbs.

Standard Pack Qty

N/A 1