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  • Ideal for small pressing jobs; repairing small motors, armatures, removing and installing gears, bearings, other press-fit parts.
  • Bench press has 15 3/8" x 18" work area; floor press bed height is adjustable from 5" to 41" with horizontal “daylight” of 21".
  • Choices of power sources: single-speed hand pump, electric/hydraulic or air/hydraulic.
  • Hydraulic gauges, hoses and fittings included.
  • Pump Electrical Specifications
    PE10 Series - 1/4 HP, 115 volt, 60 cycle, single phase.
    Also available in 230 volt, 50 cycle.

Optional air/hydraulic pumps available on request.
“Advance” position holds pressure with motor shut off. “Return” position advances cylinder with motor running and returns cylinder with motor shut off.
Typical performance based on 100 psi and 10000 psi pump specifications. Actual speeds may vary with operating conditions.

Unit of Measure


N/A 10 tons


N/A 10 inches

Type of Cylinder Used

N/A Double Acting

Type of Pump

N/A Air

Cylinder Model

N/A RD1010

Pump Model


Dimension A

N/A 59 inches

Dimension B

N/A 67 5/8 inches

Dimension C

N/A 25 1/4 inches

Dimension D

N/A 28 inches

Dimension E

N/A 5-41 inches

Dimension F

N/A 6 inches

Dimension G

N/A 22 inches

Dimension H (Cycle Retracted)

N/A 2 1/2-18 1/2 inches

Dimension J

N/A 4 inches

Dimension K

N/A 1 9/16 inches

Dimension L

N/A 4 inches

Floor Space

N/A 28 inches x 28 1/4 inches

Speed Advance

N/A 0.3 Inches/min.

Speed Pressing

N/A 3.7 Inches/min.


N/A 222480 Floor

Product Weight

N/A 162 lbs.

Ship Weight

N/A 182 lbs.

Standard Pack Qty

N/A 1