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  • Quality welded frame for maximum strength and long life
  • Exclusive “Hydra-Lift” bed for effortless adjustment of the vertical daylight (10 ton models are manual)
  • Roller head design is standard to allow movement and locking of the cylinder from side to side (10 ton, 25 ton and 30 ton are manual)
Unit of Measure

Press Capacity

N/A 10 tons

Cylinder Model

N/A RR-1010

Pump Model No.

N/A P-84

Gauge Model No.

N/A GF-10P

Adaptor Model No.

N/A GA-2

Maximum Vertical Daylight

N/A 40.00 inches

Maximum Bed Width

N/A 18.63 inches

Power Source - Type

N/A Man.

Power Source - Valve

N/A Man.

Cylinder Type

N/A Double Acting, Hydraulic Return

Cylinder Stroke

N/A 10

Rapid Speed

N/A 2 Stroke per inches Plunger Travel

Advance Speed

N/A 15 Stroke per inches Plunger Travel

H-Frame Press Dimension A (max.)

N/A 40.00 inches

H-Frame Press Dimension A (min.)

N/A 2.44 inches

H-Frame Press Dimension C

N/A 46.75 inches

H-Frame Press Dimension D

N/A 5.00 inches

H-Frame Press Dimension E

N/A 18.63 inches

Ship Weight

N/A 190 lbs.