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Simplex head assemblies are designed for roof support in mines and other areas where ceiling heights vary greatly. Use your own pipe to custom build a support for nearly any application.
The 8 ton MS-9 models use 2" schedule 40 pipe. The 16 ton MS-17 models require 2" schedule 80 pipe. A round base (ordered separately) is available to fit the 2" pipe. All models incorporate a lever nut handle and are available with either FS or S style heads.
For economy, use the import version. If U.S. manufacture is required, use the domestic version. Simplex quality is assured with either choice.
Maximum pipe length recommendations are based upon the following conditions:
  • Fully extended assemblies loaded to maximum rated capacity.
  • Head and base securely fixed to prevent lateral movement.
  • Schedule 40 pipe with a minimum yield strength of 35,000 psi/8 ton models.
  • Schedule 80 pipe with a minimum yield strength of 48,000 psi/16 ton model.
Unit of Measure

Order Number Domestic

N/A 09267

Head Styles


Sustaining Capacity

N/A 8 tons


N/A 15 inches

Maximum Pipe Length

N/A 51.75 inches

Maximum Extended Height

N/A 73 inches

Dimension Between Flanges

N/A 5.75 inches

Minimum Pipe Length A

N/A 20.5 inches

Minimum Closed Height B

N/A 27 inches


N/A 19 lbs.