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  • Fast advance and retract
  • Designed to withstand up to 10% side-load of maximum capacity
  • Hardened surface resists side-loading and cyclic wear
  • Weather protected, inside and out
  • Upper and lower replaceable bearings enclose the cylinder plunger for support throughout the stroke
  • Certified lifting eyes, base mounting holes and collar threads
Unit of Measure

Nominal Cylinder Capacity

N/A 300 tons

Maximum Cylinder Capacity

N/A 341 tons

Cylinder Effective Area

N/A 67.23 sq. inch

Oil Capacity

N/A 132.34 cu. inch


N/A 1.97 inches

Collapsed Height - A

N/A 11.65 inches

Extended Height - B

N/A 13.62 inches

Outside Diameter - D

N/A 12.01 inches

Cyl. Bore Dia. - E

N/A 9.25 inches

Plunger Diameter - F

N/A 7.87 inches

Base to Adv. Port - H

N/A 2.28 inches

Top to Ret. Port - I

N/A 3.98 inches

Standard Saddle Dia. - J

N/A 6.97 inches

Saddle Protrusion From Plunger - K

N/A 0.16 inches

Bolt Circle Diameter - U

N/A 10.24 inches

Thread Size - V

N/A M16 x 2

Min. Thd. Depth - Z

N/A 0.98

Optional Tilt Saddle Model Number

N/A CATG-300


N/A 350 lbs.