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  • Product Image- Light Weight Hand Pumps For Single-Acting Cylinder

    Simplex hand pumps are widely known for their rugged construction and low, back saving handle efforts. Choose these hand pumps for maximum portability and light weight. All metal construction and man size release knobs make these pumps truly industrial grade tools.

    • 10 Models for maximum versatility.
    • Light weight for maximum portability.
    • All metal construction for durability.
    • Carrying handles for easy pick-up.
    • External adjustable relief valve.
    • Low handle effort for easy operation.
    • Single or two speed models.
    • 3/8" NPTF outlet ports.

  • Product Image- Pump and Cylinder Set

    Eliminate the hassle of matching the right hand pump to the right cylinder by ordering Simplex pre-matched pump & cylinder sets. All hand pumps have been carefully chosen to provide maximum efficiency and service, and each set comes with a 6 foot hose equipped with a high flow coupler.

    • Maximum versatility/wide choice of cylinders.
    • Maximum performance with matched cylinders.
    • Use upright, inverted or horizontally.
    • Maximum control & safety.
    • Control the cylinder away from the lift.
    • Available with single speed or two speed pump.

  • Product Image- Two Speed Hand Pumps For Single & Double Acting Cylinders

    • 8 Models.
    • Low, back saving handle effort.
    • High displacements of oil per stroke.
    • Adjustable handle effort / dual pivot points.
    • Heavy duty, all metal construction for durability.
    • Handle latch for easy carrying.
    • Large, easy fill reservoirs.
    • External adjustable relief valves.

  • Product Image- Special Application Hand Pumps

    For those special applications that require tight mounting space, backup manual power or lower pressure & high flows, these special hand pumps are what you've been looking for. Ideal for fixed applications when pumps need to be bolted in place. The P-160 Series fits in an 8” x 8” space, yet still delivers 148 cu in. of oil. The P-1000 Series can be tapped into existing system reservoirs. All metal construction, plated pistons, light weight and high flow make these pumps the right choice for long life and trouble free duty. All pumps have 3/8" NPTF ports.