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  • Positive mechanical lock to support load.
  • Support lifted load for extended periods of time with hydraulic pressure released.
  • Visible indicator band alerts operator when stroke limit is reached; overflow port (“weep hole”) stroke limiter prevents piston from being inadvertently overextended.
  • All cylinders feature coated pistons to resist corrosion and abrasion.

Supported loads not to exceed the rated capacity of the cylinders. Not intended to support additional dynamic loads, such as those applied by moving vehicles.

Unit of Measure

Cylinder Capacity

N/A 430 tons


N/A 10 inches

Oil Capacity

N/A 865.90 cu. inch

Retracted Height - A

N/A 21 1/8 inches

Extended Height - B

N/A 31 1/8 inches

Outside Diameter - C

N/A 13 inches

Base to Port - F

N/A 2 1/2 inches

Piston Rod Diameter - H

N/A 10 1/2 inches

Piston Rod Protrusion - K

N/A 1/8 inches

Nut Thickness - T

N/A 2 3/4 inches

Bore Diameter

N/A 10 1/2 inches

Cylinder Effective Area

N/A 86.59 sq. inch

Internal Pressure at Cap.

N/A 9932 psi

Tons at 10000 psi

N/A 433.0

Product Weight

N/A 894.0 lbs.

Ship Weight

N/A 899 lbs.

Standard Pack Qty

N/A 1