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  • Product Image - Couplers Standards and Flush-Face

    Cylinder And Hose Couplers
    Designed for use up to 10,000 psi with hydraulic jacks, cylinders, etc. They are the threaded union type for interchanging cylinders in seconds. Each half is valved with a precision ball for a tight shutoff when disconnected. These couplers also permit the separation of cylinders or hose from pump when at 0 psi with minimal oil loss.
    No-spill, Push-to-connect Hydraulic Hose Couplers
    High flow, no-spill, push-to-connect couplers with locking collar and flush face designed for high pressure applications. The flush-face concept makes it easy to clean both coupler ends before connecting. Our unique push-to-connect, "dry-break" design eliminates oil spillage. The locking collar makes accidental disconnects a thing of the past. For 10,000 psi operation. Designed to permit high oil flow.
    Hydraulic Coupler Dust Cap
    Dust cap fits either male or female half couplers.

  • Product Image - Digital Pressure Gauges

    • Accurate to within 1%.
    • Larger display characters than ordinary digital gauges.
    • Long-life pressure transducer.
    • 1/4" NPTF male threads for the pressure connection.
    • 6 foot signal input cable connects to back of display unit.

  • Product Image - Analog Gauges

    These gauges feature an easily readable and highly visible adjustable, red day-glo needle. A high strength steel bourdon tube ensures high cycle life. With stainless steel cases and lens locking rings, all 4 Inch and 6 Inch dry gauges can be filled with silicone (Kit #9046). All gauges have 1/4 Inch NPT bottom connections. Designed to meet ASME B40.1 grade B standards.
    Gauges 9040-9085 are available in Europe with readings in bar. To order, add the letter ā€œEā€ to the part number (example 9075E)

  • Catagory Image - Manifolds
  • Product Image - Hydraulic Fittings
  • Product Image - Hoses



    • All have plastic hose guards except for the 1/4" polyurethane hoses which have spring guards.
    • 3/8" NPTF fittings on both ends.
    • Operating pressure is 10000 psi. All comply with MHI standard IJ100.