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Unit of Measure

Use with Torque Wrench

N/A HXD-240

Maximum Torque

N/A 13315 ft. lbs.

Hexagon Size

N/A 3 7/8 inches

Nose Radius - D

N/A 2.99 inches

Use with Holding Rings

N/A HR-100

Use with Add-on Reducer Inserts, Imperial

N/A IN24313-293 IN24338-313 IN24350-313 IN24375-350 IN24338-350 IN24413-388 IN24425-388 IN24463-425 IN24500-463 IN24313-275 IN24338-300 IN24350-300 IN24375-338 IN24388-338 IN24413-375 IN24425-375 IN24463-413 IN24500-425


N/A 12.3 lbs.

Ship Weight

N/A 12.3 lbs.