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  • High torque-to-weight ratio, slim nose radius and flat design
  • High speed, high degree of rotation angle
  • Snap in, interchangeable cassettes, no tools required
  • 360° swivel hose connection allows easier positioning in confined areas
  • High repeatability, with accuracy ± 3%
  • Strong unibody design, integrated reaction arm and few moving parts make wrenches durable and reliable
  • Extensive range of metric and imperial hexagon cassettes and reducers
  • Drive unit and cassette come in storage case to protect from damage, water and dirt
  • Lock-ring couplers come standard on all torque wrenches, pumps and hoses
  • With integrated reaction arm.
Unit of Measure

Maximum Torque at 11600 psi

N/A 9220 ft. lbs.

Max. Capacity

N/A 9220 ft. lbs.

Cassette Range

N/A 55 - 100 mm

Cassette Range

N/A 2 3/16 - 3 7/8 inches

Use with Add-on Reducer Inserts, Metric

N/A IN12-5550 IN12-6055 IN12-6560 IN12-7065 IN12-7570 IN12-8075 IN12-8580 IN12-9085 IN12-9590 IN12-10095 IN12-5546 IN12-6050 IN12-6555 IN12-7060 IN12-7565 IN12-8070 IN12-8575 IN12-9080 IN12-9585 IN12-10090 IN12-5541 IN12-6046 IN12-6550 IN12-7055 IN12-7560 IN12-8065 IN12-8570 IN12-9075 IN12-9580 IN12-10085

Use with Add-on Reducer Inserts, Imperial

N/A IN12219-200 IN12238-219 IN12256-238 IN12275-256 IN12293-275 IN12300-275 IN12313-293 IN12338-300 IN12350-313 IN12375-350 IN12388-350 IN12219-181 IN12238-200 IN12256-219 IN12275-238 IN12293-256 IN12300-256 IN12313-275 IN12338-293 IN12350-300 IN12375-338 IN12388-338

Use with Interchangeable Cassettes, Metric

N/A CC-1255 CC-1260 CC-1265 CC-1270 CC-1275 CC-1280 CC-1285 CC-1290 CC-1295 CC-12100

Use with Interchangeable Cassettes, Imperial

N/A CC-12219 CC-12238 CC-12256 CC-12275 CC-12293 CC-12300 CC-12313 CC-12338 CC-12350 CC-12375 CC-12388

Use with Holding Rings

N/A HR-55 HR-60 HR-65 HR-70 HR-75 HR-80 HR-85 HR-90 HR-95 HR-100

Dimension A

N/A 7.87 inches

Dimension B

N/A 5.55 - 6.14 inches

Dimension C

N/A 1.85 inches

Dimension D

N/A 1.83 - 2.89 inches

Dimension E

N/A 2.56 inches

Dimension F

N/A 3.78 inches

Dimension H

N/A 1.50 inches

Weight (Including Smallest Cassette)

N/A 16.3

Ship Weight

N/A 12.1 lbs.