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Now an easy way to press solid rubber tires. The TPP200 uses plates instead of combination rings to press a rim from an old tire into a new one. Plates are stacked so none is more than 2" smaller than the one under it to keep the plates from bending. They can be used on any Power Team press with 55 ton capacity or more.

Many tires require 100 tons of force or more, depending on tire size and condition. These plates withstand max. force of 150 tons.

No. TPP200 - Tire press plate set. Includes 13 press plates, spacer pushing adapter and press bed plate. For use on solid rubber tires from 4" to 17 3/4" I.D.

Unit of Measure

Tire Size I.D.

N/A 15 inches

Plate O.D.

N/A 14 7/8 inches

Ship Weight

N/A 38 lbs.

Standard Pack Qty

N/A 1