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  • Harden alloy square drive provide long life.
  • No reaction pawl, ELIMINATES tool lockup.
  • 27° Stroke for high performance and speed.
  • Torque chart and safety information engraved on the tool.
  • Push through square drive switches from loosen to tighten instantly.
  • Light weight, high torque ratio.
  • Compact Uni-Body design for maximum strength.
  • Accurate to within + / - 3%.
  • Slim nose radius for easy positioning in close quarters.
  • No leak couplers that swivel on double axis for easy operation.
  • Custom wrenches available upon request.
  • Special reaction arms and reaction arm extensions available.
  • Anti-backlash mechanism prevents tool from backdriving.
  • Internal reaction arm spline allows operator to react against the tool body without risk of damage.
Unit of Measure

Length A

N/A 9.21 inches

Length B

N/A 12.21 inches

Height C

N/A 7.79 inches

Width D

N/A 3.93 inches

Width E

N/A 5.43 inches

Width F

N/A 8.72 inches

Radius G

N/A 1.95 inches

Height H

N/A 6.70 inches

Length I

N/A 10.36 inches


N/A 29.00 lbs.


N/A 11010 ft./lbs.

Square Drive

N/A 1.5 inches

Available Socket Size

N/A 1.31 - 5.38 inches

Available Socket Size

N/A 33 - 137 mm