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Unit of Measure

Use with Torque Wrench

N/A HXD-120

Maximum Torque

N/A 9220 ft. lbs.

Hexagon Size

N/A 90 mm

Nose Radius - D

N/A 2.66 inches

Use with Holding Rings

N/A HR-90

Use with Add-on Reducer Inserts, Metric

N/A IN12-5550 IN12-6055 IN12-6560 IN12-7065 IN12-7570 IN12-8075 IN12-8580 IN12-9085 IN12-9590 IN12-10095 IN12-5546 IN12-6050 IN12-6555 IN12-7060 IN12-7565 IN12-8070 IN12-8575 IN12-9080 IN12-9585 IN12-10090 IN12-5541 IN12-6046 IN12-6550 IN12-7055 IN12-7560 IN12-8065 IN12-8570 IN12-9075 IN12-9580 IN12-10085


N/A 8.0 lbs.

Ship Weight

N/A 8 lbs.