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The ratchet screw assembly may be custom adapted to almost any push/pull application such as adjusting forms, fixtures, doors, flues, and dampers. Incorporates 1 1/4-6 Acme class 2G, right and left hand thread.
Unit of Measure

Centered Capacity

N/A 10 tons

Hook/Toe Offset Load Capacity

N/A 2 tons

Handle Effort Per Ton

N/A 15 lbs.

Screw Diameter

N/A 1 1/4 inches


N/A 5 lbs.

Steel Lever Bar Model Number

N/A 10621

Steel Lever Bar Length

N/A 24 inches

Steel Lever Bar Diameter

N/A 3/4 inches

Steel Lever Bar Weight

N/A 4 lbs.