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Relief valves prevent damage in case of over-pressurization. Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance Collar threads enable easy fixturing (except RRH-1001 and RRH-1508) Double-acting version for fast retraction. Nickel-plated, floating center tube increases product life. Hollow plunger allows for both pull and push forces. CR-400 couplers and dust caps included on all models. Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life. Smooth hollow saddles are standard on all RRH-models.
Unit of Measure

Nominal Cylinder Capacity

N/A 100 tons

Maximum Operating Pressure

N/A 10000 psi


N/A 1.5 inches

Advance Max. Cylinder Capacity

N/A 103 tons

Retract Max. Cylinder Capacity

N/A 68 tons

Advance Cylinder Effective Area

N/A 20.63 sq. inch

Retract Cylinder Effective Area

N/A 13.54 sq. inch

Advance Oil Capacity

N/A 30.94 cu. inch

Retract Oil Capacity

N/A 20.32 cu. inch

Collapsed Height - A

N/A 6.50 inches

Extended Height - B

N/A 8 inches

Outside Diameter - D

N/A 8.38 inches

Cylinder Bore Diameter - E

N/A 6.5 inches

Plunger Diameter - F

N/A 5 inches

Cyl. Base to Advance Port - H

N/A 1.5 inches

Cyl. Top to Return Port - I

N/A 1.75 inches

Saddle Diameter - J

N/A 4.97 inches

Saddle Protrusion From Plunger - K

N/A 0.5 inches

Thread - O

N/A 4 - 16 inches

Plunger Thread Length - P

N/A 1.00 inches

Bolt Circle - U

N/A 7 inches

Thread - V

N/A 5/8 - 11 inches

Center Hole Diameter - Y

N/A 3.13 inches

Thread Depth - Z

N/A 0.75 inches

RCH Series Options

N/A HP - 10016 Heat treated threaded hollow saddle

Saddle Dimension A

N/A 4.97 inches

Saddle Dimension B

N/A 2 1/2 - 8 inches

Saddle Dimension C

N/A 0.51 inches


N/A 85 lbs.

Ship Weight

N/A 73 lbs.